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Singaporean Dollar – Singapore Currency, Money History &

The Singapore dollar is the official currency ofSingapore. It was the currency of ”SGD”, and isdivided into one hundred cents. It is characterized by a dollar sign, continue todistinguish it from other currencies than the dollar, the dollar sign, however, is often the letterS.first series of singapore currency

The Singapore dollar has not always been thecurrency of the country. From 1845-1939 the money came in the form of dollar street of Singapore. Then went malaise of U.S. dollars toSingapore in 1953, when a common currencybetween Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Sarawak and British North Borneo as “Malaya and British Borneo dollar” appeared on the scene.

After a series of historical events that led to theexpulsion of Singapore from Malaysia - whojoined in 1963 - the country has come with its own currency through the creation of the Board of Commissioners of Currency (the later andresolved by the Monetary Authority of Singaporeor MAS). In April 1967, the first round of theSingapore dollar - in the form of banknotes andcoins - has been introduced.

Copper-nickel coins were launched in 1967 with a value of $ 1, and 5, 10, 20, 50 cents. A coin of1 cent was also introduced, but was made ??in bronze. The second set of coins was in 1985, this time the parts have been reduced in size.The 5-cent piece in this particular series was a mixture of aluminum and nickel.


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A coin of1 cent was also introduced, but was made ??in bronze. The second set of coins was in 1985, this time the parts have been reduced in size.The 5-cent piece in this particular series was a mixture of aluminum and nickel.

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