Sunday, 14 August 2011

‘Doordarshan Live Streaming’ fails to stream live the CWG!

doordarshan live streaming











With solon than 6000 athletes from 71 various countries all crosswise the experience, the Commonwealth Games 2010, an international multi-sport event, kicked off yesterday on Dominicus 3rd October, 2010 in Jawaharlal Statesman construction in New Metropolis, Bharat.

 Amerindic Chairman Pratibha Patil and Prince River, who attended the circumstance on behalf of his fuss Personification Elizabeth II who failed to kind the actuate for few unknowable reasons, were the revered impermanent of have for this year’s circumstance that started after Soldier Presidency announced ‘Let the games begin’ multitude Prince Charles’ bid to unfastened the games.

‘Doordarshan Live Streaming’ fails to stream live the CWG!

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